Newly Formed Corp looking for PVPers (and ex-CO2 members)

(Tollein) #1

Hello all, Paragon Elite is a newly formed PVP corporation is seeking more pilots to build something badass. We are a member of FUBAR, an alliance that is part of DRF. Our goal is simple: Lets just shoot stuff. No fancy mission statement. We are newbro friendly, just be ready to learn.

What we offer:
Safe ratting space
Upgraded SOV
Citadels to build should you feel inclined
Coalition and Alliance PVP ops
Logistics and JF chain

What we expect:
Be social! Hang out of comms!
Be willing to participate

Message Tollein in-game to learn more. o7

(Tollein) #2

Still looking for more members!

(Tollein) #3

Still recruiting more pilots

(Tollein) #4

Still recruiting

(Tollein) #5

Still looking for more pilots

(Tollein) #6

Still recruiting

(Tollein) #7

still looking for more

(Tollein) #8

still recruiting

(Tollein) #9

still recruiting

(Tollein) #10

Still looking for more pilots!

(Tollein) #11

still recruiting

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