Ngati Aotearoa (Tribe of New Zealand)

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Greetings fellow facsimilies of capsuleers,
Ngati Aotearoa is currently recruiting for members both new and old.

While the general principle of the corporation is to provide a team base for Southern Hemisphere timezones this by no means should make you feel less inclined to apply.

We have as yet no settled home until we reach some membership milestones.

We need capsuleers from all (in game) professions and interests, so if you have ever wanted to help setup a corporation from the get-go then this may just be your chance.

I look forward to reviewing your application letter, resume and references (or actually just reading through a really innovative application support note :wink: )

007Snoopy Quantum
Ngati Aotearoa Founder
"Go the mighty All-Blacks"

(007Snoopy Quantum) #2

Kia Kaha (Be Strong)
And yes, still recruiting

(007Snoopy Quantum) #3

Still looking for some brutha’s and sista’s (recruiting open)

(007Snoopy Quantum) #4

open door… introduce yourself…ask for a position… get stuck in

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