[NIL SEC] Corp Looking for EU and US TZ players. ISK is Easy

Nil sec corp looking for new members who want to make ISK.

Must be able to use TS.

Were a established corp in Deklien that is looking for ratters miners and pvp.
We have a great market with items so you don’t have to run to Jita.

If you are looking to move out to Nil for the first time or have been before were looking for you.
Normal members will earn 60 to 200mill per hour and more if you try.
Very little restrictions and opportunities are only bound by you.

If your intrested send me an Evemail or reply here.

New pilots will be assisted to get their feet wet and learn how to live in Nil without major risk.
Old pilots will love the space and can make isk quick.

PVP roams, fights and fun are happening all the time and SRP is given for your losses.

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