No Downtime Discussion Thread

/me is excited.

I sadly imagine that one month after the success, the hard work from CCP employees, we will all consider “normal” to have no DT at all.
Children those days …


was i seeing things or did CCP Burger touch on the ‘eliminating downtime’ at vegas this year?

i swear that happened!


What is it with you and your fetish for CCP Burger, MacCloud…

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Every time you, CCP, change something, something else breaks. I’m not happy of that news. Also, why you don’t want reboot allday anymore? lack of personel or what? Tell it clearly, stop being slimy.


it’s an experiment, AFAIK


By experience, they always say a thing to hide another thing that is usually the “real truth”


As a proud recipient of the Omnom medal, I am sure this will go smooth with milk.


so will the asteroid belts just poof respawn at 1100?



Also what about all the other aspects of the game that are centered on / linked to DT, like exploration sites, special NPC spawns, Asteroid belts, etc?


yea i can see this working out just great, servers running slower than ever becasue of “excessive memory consumption”

there will be no “refresh of cache” since the daily reboot wil not be happening, and you don’t see an issue with this?

are daily database jobs going to take place on a live data base?

i’m not sure it should be happening on a live server also, why do we have to put up with a shitty running server because CCP wants to try something.

mirror your damn cluster and experiment away from live paying clients, ffs :rage:


I always used the downtime to my advantage, but never really liked it.

That said, we need a contest, whoever break the most nodes wins. Because that’s what’s going to happen.

Yeah, makes no sense. Just call a mass test and leave sisi running till you’re satisfied, why TQ?

I presume they will simply not take place on that day, at least that’s the impression.


A lot of you know that Blizzard has every wednesday downtime? Asually between 03:00 CET and 05:00 CET, for all their World of Warcraft realms for updates and/or resetting things and their player base is way larger than EVE’s. I know EVE is not the same as WoW but it might not be such a bad idea to have a look how they are doing it. Blizzard do have a mechanism to reset instances and soforth outside of the wednesday downtime that helps to control all that. You get the occasional hiccup that they have to do an emergency reboot of a particulare realm.

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Being a high-sec care bear, I don’t like the idea. There is indeed a visible drop in player activity before and after the downtime. At least in my region of space. Less players, means less risk.

So for me this is an ideal transport moment. Move to LowSec just before the downtime and pick your valuable cargo up. Wait for the server to come back and move immediately back to HighSec. You rarely see more then 1 person.

It’s not that I do this on a daily basis, but I would like to keep this helpful moment in the day to overcome my cold water fear of LS. “Downtime” is my Emotional Support Animal !! Hands off!! :wink:


I do not think that No DT is beneficial over DT. Instead of having a regular, predictable time of the day where CCP can do maintenance and fix things, these things will now happen randomly and will cause more inconvenience than now.


I do the same just after DT, specially when I am in a pickle or moving cargo. :smiley:




CCP introduces the realistic resource harvesting model that day. The mined asteroids will not grow back in the belts.


The point of a test is to test.

There are several existing issues that CCP is looking to resolve and this test will help narrow down solutions.

Yes, the respawn of many systems (explo, asteroids, older missions, etc.) in the game is critical, and one of the specific issues that this test will help better understand. There is a lot of code running EVE and some of it has limited documentation.

This test is not about getting rid of downtime.


Pretty sure they were shooting straight this time.

It’s an experiment to see what needs to be looked at later.

—Gadget likes a bit more rock smiting time, but worries about a lack of rocks…


Here’s the thing. They are broken up onto many regional servers. So they can do it at locally quiet times.

Anyhoo: Why is it being done on live?
Because a test on a system which has 20+ K users connected at a time, is quite different from one which gets a couple of hundred. Things build up differently.