No longer needed

Let me know what you have - and we’ll figure it out :slight_smile:


**edit - got it sorted with my corp - alt is no longer needed

How much you want to spend on a cyno alt?

i guess that depends on the character that’s being offered.
why? Do you have a char which falls in the above category?

Well if you just want a toon for cyno only, you could just make one for as little as 390m, buying one will cost alot more as people will want atleast $20 worth of isk plus a bit more for a toon.

So maybe 3-4 bill

A full Falcon cyno pilot with BASIC T2 tank is about 3.5mil SPs.

I’m not sure but 390m seems really low for the sp you need after the cyno change

Sorry my bad, i thought you were after just a normal industrial cyno toon :sweat_smile:

no worries my initial message was probably lacking information. Thanks for trying to think with me though!

Have an recon5 alt with all racial at 5
Cyno5 also 21m SP

Mail me if interested

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