No Longer Needed

WTB FAX Alt :diamonds: Force Auxillary :parrotdad:

Please link your character and his/her skill link.

Looking for a fast purchase.


Still looking.

Still looking. I have ISK ready!

26m fax pilot (apostle)

20b offer

positive wallet
no kill right
Positive Sec status
Located in jita 4-4
High-grade amulet implant set Jump clone in low sec near jita

There’s got to be some FAX alts out there that are no longer needed…


offering 19b for this if ya are still up

ill offer ya the 20b

That one sold.

I’m still looking for a good FAX alt.

And still…

I can fly the Gallente variable if you are interested by any chance.

I sell myself - dronefish for 72b

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Great character, but I’m looking for a “sitter” mostly. EveMon says <20m SP’s will run the fit I need. Unless you’re looking to give me a “son-in-law” price :slight_smile:

lol I cannot… I am trying to make the most out of my old toons so I can start play again, but with only 1 toon this time for a more relaxed game.

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Still looking. Would settle for someone with most of the FAX skills learned.

Still looking. ISk ready…

How about a pilot that’s anywhere near sitting in a Minokawa?

I’m still looking. :slight_smile:

I am still up for sale if you got the isk :slight_smile:

I have the isk, but I only need a basic/solid FAX pilot. 20m SP’s in the right areas makes a great Minokawa pilot.