No.Mercy (TRI) Is recruiting!

Great guys. I had the pleasure to fly with them. Really great company and capable pvp pilots. 100% recommend

1 Like another nice kill from our latest roam

Want to actually make a difference or want to be in a fleet of 250 dudes?

If the first option is more to your liking, we should prolly have a talk…

Recruitment open

Operation kb padding in TAPI space!

No blues, just targets :smiley:
Come along to create a new chapter for TRI!

Do you like fishing?

Come fishing with us!

dis the season!

Join our family to have some fun!

No blues, just targets!

How is it going?

Alright I guess…

We would like to add more pilots to our ranks.
If you look at our killboard, it says we are dunkin’ daily!

Come over to our pub and have a chat!

“But there is a great war going on…”


If you want to join a corp who is active and doing things, we are here for you!
Racking up +1k kills weekly… we are not taking part in any wars or siding with either party of the war,
so activity is based on our own actions.

Recruitment open!

TRIUMVIRATE. Family is growing, why don’t you join as well!!

Daily content, null sov established.

Join us!

Want a new home? Give us a call.

We are open for business and new recruits!
Do you want to be one of us? Join up for a chat in our public channel in game!

We are still recruiting, come join the family! Some great roams yesterday including a carrier kill, and a titan kill the night before with the locals

Growing steadily, come join us.