No.Mercy (TRI) Is recruiting!

Join the party, we can provide the army!

Triumvirate. and No.Mercy Are recruiting!

We are an aggressive nullsec PVP corporation leading Triumvirate. alliance, a combat group that has been at the forefront of major wars that have reshaped EVE’s political landscape for over a decade.

As a professional end-game PVP organization, our focus remains on creating strategic content that challenges our members and pushes us to excel. In between campaigns our members enjoy flying together for wormhole evictions, small gang roaming, and supercap hunting.

Our members are active in both EU and US timezones, consisting of experienced players from all over the world.

Our veteran corp leadership has been active in EVE since 2009 and understands that real life comes first.

We treat No.Mercy as a family and we don’t permit childish drama.
Please join the “No.Mercy Pub” channel in game and speak to our recruiters today!


  • Aggressive PVP content: strategic campaigns with 100+ vs 100+ battles and cap escalations, small gang roaming, wormhole evictions
  • Top quality sovereignty space and r64 moon mining to make isk
  • Alliance SRP
  • TS3, Discord, Web services
  • JF Services
  • Active marketplace


  • Demonstrated PVP history on zkill, we are not a training corp
  • Multiple characters
  • Armor carrier on main
  • Armor dread on alt, or training towards it
  • Armor supercapitals/titans are optional but encouraged
  • Mic mandatory
  • +18 years age
  • Ready to have fun
  • English is our official language

Come and have a chat with us in our public channel
No.Mercy Pub

Points of Contact
CEO Garst Tyrell
Recruiters EU LTD Spacepig, Lane Janau
Recruiters US Sahriah Bloodstone, Marrowbone

or shoot me a mail ingame.

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Don’t be shy!

Recruitment open!


Bumping like a pro!

So, you wanna do dank frags and some ISK in between all that, we can provide you all that good stuff!

Join us! We are having fun and evaporating bads!

Come and have a chat in our public channel ingame: No.Mercy Pub

Or is indy close to your heart? We have a place for you.

Join us!

Recruitment is open!

Join No.Mercy!

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Pushing TRI forward, join us on our journey!

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Blackout is coming, crabs are gonna die in a ball of fire!

Summer of rebuilding!
TRI. and No.Mercy needs more experienced PVP minded players.

We also provide good place for PVE and industry for your needs.

Contact me ingame.

Still looking for more dudes to fly with us!


Summertime is starting to be over!
Great, come and join the fight

Come to us, we will have so much fun soonTM.