No.Mercy (TRI) Is recruiting!

Join our ingame channel No.Mercy Pub for a chat or contact me ingame.

Come on and join the fun!
Activities are gaining momentum and nice killmails in our zkillboard.

Also new FC’s or thinking about being one are most welcome.
Can also be interested if a small corp wants to merge with us.

NoMercy is almost is nearing our 10 year anniversary in 2 months! Come join us and be part of the next decade of EVE history

Join up, still time to cyno in ships… :smiley:

Come and have fun.

Going to get real busy real soon.

So, we are now trending in Reddit, so that is a good sign :smiley:

Come on a be a star!

Looking for more good pilots and we are willing to take in small/on the verge of disbanding groups as a whole in as well.

Daily bump for updated post!

We are growing nicely and looking for more like minded pilots to join us!

Join us for some adventures that will become more war stories of new Eden together with Triumvirate and No.Mercy!

We are about to embark on our second decade in Eve, that is an achievement not many have witnessed!

Come on over!

Daily bump.

Ready to ride with us to Valhalla?
Hit me up in game!

Recruitment open.

No.Mercy is now a 10 year old corporation, come in and be a part of history!

Ready for some frags? Shoot me a message ingame or join our public channel No.Mercy Pub

First day of a new deployment! Come join us for fleet fights and krab hunting!

Fun times ahead!
So much salt to be mined!

Can you bring your Drake you ask? Why yes you can!,2016&b=8815380&e=150&t=Kj