No.Mercy (TRI) Is recruiting!

Back at our recruiting ways! Come on over for a chat!

We are still recruiting, come join the fun!

Bump we go

We are growing nicely and having good amount of stuff happening!
I’d say this is a nice opportunity to get yourself into No.Mercy and TRI.

Looking for more pilots!

We have some nice fights going on and have successfully poked the hornets nest and furher eradicated some dinobrains. It’s all gucci!

Want to frag some nerds?
Join up and come join the funzies!

had a fun fight vs goons last night, come join

Got to have a nice shootout with TAPI today.
Want to join the fun? Get in touch!

Recruitment status = open
We’ve got more pilots in and are still looking to grab a few more.

If you are up for some fun times, join our ingame channel or convo me ingame.

Join the funzies!

Fun stuff keeps happening… also they tried to defang us with a thanny… :smiley:

Well, dunno about your weekend, but we surely had some fun!

So if you are looking to have fun drops, apply to No.Mercy!!
Aggressive PVP since 2009!

Join up, some nice fights to be had.

Growing, getting better and getting frags.
Join up!

Good fights to be had, not just F1->F4 stuff.
We are doing fun corp roams and have a gate camp setup closeby.

Trade hub in home sov and if you need Walmart, Jita is really close by.
Although alliance has a good JF setup with reasonable prices.

Aaand these fights just keeps coming!

And killboard just keeps getting greener!
Join up!

Kills to be had, salty tears to be collected!

Merry christmas! Looking for a new corp?
Join No.Mercy and be a part of a group who likes to pvp and have fun!

New year around the corner, wanna start fresh 2020 in a new corp or maybe wanna come back home?
Reach out to us, and let’s have a chat what we can do!