No.Mercy (TRI) Is recruiting!

Join up for some nice fights.

Join up!

Fun fights to be had!

Growing steadily, join us as we march towards walhalla and rise again from the ashes!

Daily bump!!

Looking for more PVP minded people!

We are a close knit bunch who likes have fun kick some teeth in from time to time.

Good fights to be had!
Join up for some fun times!

I’ve been playing EvE for a fair few years now and this is the best corp I have had the pleasure in being a part of of.
There’s plenty of daily content in all aspects that Eve has to offer.

Join No.Mercy public channel and have a chat with us.

“engaging in consecutive campaigns against XIX, Red Alliance”

Still going strong, and gone to the point that even XIX is giving us blueballs.
Keep coming and content will be coming, you do more than just use F1-F3.

Join up!

Join the party, growing nicely!

Bump for my friends!

We are recruiting, why not come over for a chat?

No.Mercy Pub our channel ingame.

You think you have what it takes?
We are recruiting active PVP minded pilots to join us for some nice fights we are having.

Always outnumbered, never outgunned!


  • Join up!

  • Get kills!

  • Have fun!

Recruitement status open!

Join the party!

Bump for these crazy kids playing eve!