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[[- No.Mercy -]]
No Fear | No Retreat | No Mercy

No.Mercy is the leading corp within Triumvirate, an aggressive null-sec PVP alliance focused on making or finding content and always looking for new challenges. Formed in 2009, we have been at the forefront of some of the largest wars in EVE history, engaging in consecutive campaigns against XIX, Red Alliance, World War Bee and Stain Wagon and picking fights with larger coalitions. We planned and executed the 2nd largest battle in EVE history (at the time) in terms of isk destroyed, with the destruction of the XIX evac moveop in C-L in Wicked Creek.

We boast a high activity and participation level for our size and are looking for like-minded individuals to fly with.

Please see the most recent bumps for our latest battle reports and activity as well as our previous thread on the old forums.


What we offer

  • Mature and professional group with plenty of experience and SP
  • Corp and Alliance SRP and pvp incentives including reimbursement for FC ships
  • Active, engaged and approachable leadership with FC’s and content in both the EU and US TZ
  • Plenty of content: Everything from small gang roams and black ops to 100man+ fleet fights and capital warfare
  • A family atmosphere. Everyone is helpful, 0 drama
  • Secure sov, ready to use between fleets

What we are looking for

  • Self-sufficient, PVP focused players.
  • 1000+ kills to demonstrate activity and competence
  • 2 accounts with a dread alt is required
  • Pilots who are willing and eager to step up, fill roles and create content for others, with the drive to have fun and improve

If you’re tired of being an F1 monkey and want to make a meaningful impact on the game, come and chat to us!

Recruitment Contacts:
Sahriah Bloodstone

Ingame Public channel: No.Mercy Pub

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Plenty of content in the south awaiting eager pvpers


I’ve been super slack with updating this thread, but here are some of our latest battle during our war to retake Insmother

3AE-CP Azbel Final timer. XIX Carrier fleet vs 3 battleship boosh fleets.

LVL-GZ Fort armor timer for XIX

XIX Evac moveop execution / Reddit AAR . This battle ranks as the 2nd largest battle in terms of isk destroyed in EVE’s history.

XIX Insmother Keepstar Destruction

Some of our latest reviews

‘TRI bringing Snuff and NC. together, what kind of wizardry is that?’ - rolfski, planetside 2 enthusiast

‘I already had a lot of respect for TRI even before the battle broke out, but this AAR just reinforces that respect even more.’ - Alycidon94 of the minmatar republic

‘Anyone would be stupid not to have respect for Tri. I’ve been fighting them for a year or so and I can say they are probably the only alliance I actually do respect.’ - skilledpigeon, enemy FC

‘TRI is gay’ - The reddits