No.Mercy (TRI) Is recruiting!

Hey, friends!

Keep on joining!

Recruitment open selectively.

Join the fun, summer is here finally! Time for some nice dunks!

Get in touch, good stuff going down soon!

Join the party!
Selectively recruiting active PVP minded players.

0 bullshizzle toleration, we are a family!

Hey ho!
Let’s go!

Wanna do a dread bomb? Check!
Wanna drop a blops on a super? Check!
Wanna do small gang PVP? Check!
Wanna do large scale battle? Check!
Wanna gatecamp at busy losec/nullsec gate? Check!

Wanna do ice/ore/moon mining? Check!

Join the party!

Daily bump for those who are still contemplating

If you want to be part of something which has frags etc, join up!

New pilots who have the will to do more than just F1 are warmly welcome!

Are you ready for your next chapter?
If so, contact our recruiters now!

Hello space people!

I heard there is a TiDi fest going on in New Eden.
If you feel like that is kinda boring (which it for the majority is) we have a nice solution for you.

Join No.Mercy! We are at the moment in the phase of rebuilding TRI and focusing on fun corp activities like roams and fights with the locals.

Nice roams have been happening and local frags with them neighbours.
Zkill is looking pretty green, so that is at least quite nice :smiley:

Making explosions!

Small to medium fleets with cap escalations, zero TIDI. What is there not to like!

Having some fun.