No Point No Problem - Are you N0PR0? Come and find out!

Welcome to the player recruitment of No Point No Problem!

About us:
We have come together to play as a community, to have fun together and get to our goals with all of our members.
As this is a game the most valuable thing you can have in here is having fun, so we do want to provide as much fun for Members as possible. To provide the fun we will need Members that fit into our already existing corporation. We do value real life highly, so this will always have priority over the game.

What N0PR0 does offer to you:
-> A young, highly motivated and slightly crazy community (no, we do not bite, we do only shoot and miss as good storm troopers are supposed to ;D)
-> Option’s to earn your Money in Null-Sec (PvE, Mining, Industry)
-> Goals to be reached
-> The possibility to create the fun you want to have
-> Ore Buyback Programs
-> Teamspeak for Voice, Discord for text communication
-> Small-/Mediumscale Fleets (Homedefense/CTA/Roams/Mercenary Work)

What does N0PR0 expect:
-> Full-Accunt-API Key
-> Fleet participation for Homedefs and StratOps
-> The will to advance the community as a whole
-> Activity on Voice Comms if online
-> Don’t be stupid! Use your brain when flying around ;D

We are recruiting in general, but we are specially searching for:
-> PvP’ers
-> Miners
-> Industrial’s

If you want to learn more about the goals we want to achieve visit
If you want to contact us please contact Argon Inkura, Lynn Inkura or Seldon Vestrit for questions.

Fly safe and don’t forget to repair yur guns!

Push Up!

We are still recruiting highly motivated PvP’ers, PvE’ers and Industrials!

Push this!
We have moved into a new home! Come with us and get out of those blueballs!

Push! We are still recruiting.

For any questions arising, feel free to contact me are to get into our discord and ask them in our gatecamp channel.

Still recruiting!

N0PR0 is still recruiting! If you are interested feel free to visit our services!


We are still recruiting!

push dis

We are still recruiting!
Please note due to a current smaller local conflict going on we do not hold any sov currently. Interested in doing Small-/Medscale Fleet PvP? In having loads of stuff to shoot at? Then Apply today!

Still Recruiting! Join us now for content and fun!

Push up!


Still recruiting!

Push! This!

we are still recruiting! New Players are also welcome!


Still recruiting!

We are still recruitment players for null-sec!

You want to do PvP? You want to have reliable friends?
Then visit the N0PR0 Pub and take your cold beer!