No time Needed No Rush pvp/pve looking for new member

Recruitment NOW OPEN

Recruitment at our Discord Channel ( Chat with one of our members today )

English Speaking Australian/US/UK Corp
*Nothing against those who cant speak english we just prefer members who can speak in our Discord for both intel and Idle chat
*We are looking for members with various skills and a willingness to join pvp fleets
Currently looking for
- Industrialists
- pvp
- Capital/Subcap/T3 Pilots

*Mail lordvirus1234 or Before applying Otherwise your application will be rejected.

Say Hello otherwise we might not notice anyone is in here if your ever unable to contact us Message one of us below and we will happily have a chat We are mostly in the Australian timezone if you haven’t guessed
Discord Channel



Hey tried your discord link, it’s invalid

sorry bud all fix now