[Nomadic] Drunk'n Privateers are looking for new crew members!

We’re a nomadic group of misfits who play hard and fight harder. Currently based out of Thera, we fight anybody who dares to stop long enough to be locked up. “No blues” is the core of who we are, but that doesn’t mean we dont have friends. Fighting hard is valuable, so we sell our service as mercenaries for income. We focus on BLOPs and Nano gang content so being able to push buttons somewhat well will be important to be with us

What we’re looking for:

  • At least one character with 15 Million SP

  • Being able to fly bombers(any race), Stratios and Legion (Negotiable)

  • Being willing to train into corp doctrines

  • Being financially independent

  • Having a working microphone and discord

What we offer:

  • BLOPs/NANO/Thera daily and other weekly pre-pinged content

  • Becoming a mercenary and doing warcrimes

  • A way to learn and become better pilot

  • SRP for PvP fleets

Killboard: Drunk'n Privateers | Corporation | zKillboard
Join our discord: Drunk'n Privateers - Wormpilled

Recruiters: Lucas Ermanelos(JustThatLuka), Themistoklis Caomh, AlCopan Yaken

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Looking for nanobois™ to join our cause


Being unable to spell is the core of our corp

Despite heavy drinker culture, Drunk’n Privateers have never had members fall asleep on their keyboards

because we dont mine

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