Noob player looking for casual corp

Hi, Im green just learnt to undock.
Looking for casual pvp and coop. If you have like drop in/drop out play sessions.
I dont have headset I like to use chat.
Most fun in MMOs is to do dungeons and small team pvp I think. Would be awesome to roam EVE space in a team and kill of pirates and stuff like that!
Nice to meet you all :slight_smile:

Faction Warfare would suit you well then. We have a small but growing group who likes to roam around and see what we can kill. Faction Warfare also is also a good way to make isk while you pvp. Message me in game or reply here and we’ll have a chat.
Welcome to eve.

Hi Jack_Cataclysm,
I am interested in joining up with you thanks for the offer. I seen on youtube today some videos about Faction Warfare and I think it looks really fun and entertaining. I would gladly fly with you guys :slight_smile:

Welcome to EVE :grin:! I’m fairly new as well (About a week and a half of experience), and have recently created a Corporation called Ignis Deorum. We are small and only a few people have joined, so we are looking for new members. Our corporation is based in Amarr space, and all our current members are Amarr, so we’d like to have members of some different factions. We will likely be participating in Factional Warfare once we have a fair fleet of players, but for the time being we hunt NPC pirates in low-sec systems( AKA, Rattling). It’s a fun and exciting way to play EVE. We are fairly casual, but devoted to the game and the corporation, we are also very active on EVE.
I hope you consider flying with us some day! Please send me a message or reply to this post if you are interested.


Ubi concordia, ibi victoria - Where there is unity, there is victory.

Awesome, I’ll send you a message when I’m on a little later and we’ll get you settled in. Looking forward to it!

You should come join us over in the Gallente militia. We can help show you the ins and outs of fw and fleet up to kill real pirates

Thanks for the offer. Unfortunately my standings with the Gallente are not exactly good with this character, however I do have a Gallente alt (Ryder Chanlin) which I would be happy to use to join up with you.

There’s ways to increase standing pretty quickly. But ya your alt is more than welcome to come. I’ll send you a message later when I log on.

Cool, thanks.

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