Nous Defions & The Initiative

o7 Capsuleers

Nous Defions is recruiting now!

As a small but growing corporation based in Fountain, Nullsec within the alliance, The Initiative… We are looking for new blood to join our ranks.

What we require from you:

  • A main character with -40m+ SP (Omega status).
  • Ability to join comms on multiple platforms while online and active.
  • Strong ‘PVP’ background, and strong kill board (preferred but not required).
  • Willingness to add all characters you use to our ESI (security reasons).

What we can offer you:

  • Daily PVP content, in many regions of space.
  • Access to some of the nicest moons the game has to offer.
  • Free access to combat sites/escalations within Fountain.
  • SRP Programs - to pay for the valorous losses you may sustain.
  • Rewards based on activity with alliance and/or our corporation.

If you wish to contact myself or any other of our leadership team, here’s where you can do that:

In-game mail contact: Arcanier, Chysgoda, L2azor Clear, Bum101, Nemleon
Discord channel:
Our Corporation website:

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