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Thanks, this is now sold.

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(Taraas Enko) #3

The last Meta 17 damage control sold on Jita market for 22 Bil i am happy to meet you roughly in the middle and offer you 28 ive got a buy order up for a Cormack’s one which id prefer but whatever comes first will do let me know if you are interested


(Buddy Freep3) #4

(Taraas Enko) #5

Yes that was 2 months ago the last one sold 3 weeks ago for 22 like i said i am happy to wait

(Buddy Freep3) #6

Cool good luck with your search.

You could always get the meta 15 from Tara for 25b :smiley:

(Arestes) #7

Or the Unit P one on market for 18b…

28b for a Unit-W is a good price for the buyer and seller as the market for higher-end officer mods is stagnant atm.

Gl with your sale, but my advice would be to take Taraas’ offer.


(Buddy Freep3) #8

Thank you random eve guy for your advice.

Not needed nor required, thanks. (Jog on if it wasn’t clear)

(Arestes) #9

You’re welcome, random eve guy.

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