[NPC 0.0 - STAIN REGION] Bad Attitude. Alliance looking for corporations and individuals

Lets go !

Stain not so bad for an npc space + there is lots of fun to be had. We are looking to populate it !!

We are looking for EU timezone small gang corporations or individuals.

Evening bump !

If theres anything that suits you, poke us !

Still recruiting, individuals and corporations alike.

Recruiting EUTZ corporations and individuals.

Recruitment is open for individuals and corporations.

Recruitment is open for eu timezone individuals, with a pvp record and also for corporations who would like to have a go into npc null.

Poke us for a chat if anything from up here might get you guys interested.

Continuously recruiting !

Still recruiting eutz pvp oriented groups or individuals.

Still recruiting.

Who are looking to populate our alliance!

Come have a chat with us if anything from the above might fitt with your gameplay.


Still recruiting !

Back to the top of the topics. o.O

Recruitment is open. Stop by for a chat if anything might suit you.


Recruitment open for both corporations and individuals.

Looking for eu timezoned npc life play0rs.

Recruitment open!

We keep recruiting.

We are open for small gang corporations and individuals alike.