[0.0 - EU/US] Bad Attitude. Sov Holding Alliance Recruiting Corporations

Still recruiting !

Eu timezoned corporations wanted.

If you are a loner, we will have a place for you also!

Some good guys joined us recently and we are moving forwards with it.

Don’t hesitate to stop by for a chat, Stain is not that bad afterall.

Recruiting pvp oriented corporation.

Bump, recruitment open, come check out Stain life.

Come experience all the best content Eve has to offer! Don’t forget to include hated enemies to kill!

Come join the fun :slight_smile:

Thank you for the nicest reviews boys.

We are still recruiting!

Come be a stain in Stain.

Looking for individuals interested in Stain life and Corps looking for a more relaxed Nullsec life.
Come join us and enjoy a large array of activities available from Camps and Blops to Faction Warfare. You will also enjoy a wide variety of options for making very good ISK.
Check out our killboard, reach out today, you will not regret it!

Come onboard, lots of stuff todo out here :slight_smile:

We are recruiting eu timezone pvp oriented corporations to join our crusade :wink:

Less sov drama, enough content to be had, and also pve at it’s best.

If you are that kind of group, or just a guy who is looking for something else in game, come have a chat with us, worths every penny :stuck_out_tongue:


Still looking into corporations searching for a new home.


Still recruiting pvp oriented corporations.

Can recommend \o/

We are still recruiting.

PVP of all sorts, PVE at its finest.

We are looking to grow our alliance and expand our area of influence in Stain.

If you or your corporation are looking for a new place, we are happy to chat!


All you curious corporations out there come join the alliance, lots of stuff to do out here :slight_smile:

Our alliance is looking for eutz corporations !

Lots of content for pvp oriented groups up there.

Corporations!! Pilots!! All welcome, lots of super exciting content to be had!!

Our alliance is looking for eutz corporations !

Lots of content for bashing oriented groups up there!
lot of fun bashing the 6qbh athanor for the 97th times!!