[0.0 - EU/US] Bad Attitude. Sov Holding Alliance Recruiting Corporations

Can confirm excellent allianz to join! Very competent leadership will not awox your titan over you running “their” relic/data sites.

Come, take big ships and try to survive in Stein. We will be glad to any of your ship. We need content. We need more (victims) friends

Still recruiting corporations, eu tz based, with a previous 0.0 experience.

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Psychotic Turtle — their last post was 5 years ago.

We are probably not that bad afterall i guess, if after all this time you decided to stop by :))

Thank you for the free bump, and hopefully we will see you guys on field, and not only shooting pocos and doing forum wars. o/

You can also notice our not so friendly neighboors keeping an eyes on us, from stations ofc :)))

Either way, we are allways recruiting o/

Still recruiting corporations !

Good day o/

Stain region alliance is looking for more corporations ( sasha space ) !

EU timezone based!

We are recruiting corporations that are looking to settle into NPC space ( Stain region - Sansha loyalists )

Great region, pipes are ideal for camps, blops and more, come on down south where the magic happens. P.S Good Sax sux.

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Still recruiting PVP oriented corporations, with a previous 0.0 experience.

We are based in Stain region, with a lot going on in terms of pvp.

Still recruiting corporations!

Stain region presence wanted !

Join us !!

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We are still looking into corporations looking to settle in Sansha space - Stain region.

Still looking into corporations searching for a new home.

Still recruiting eutz pvp oriented corporations.

Recruitment open for eutz pvp oriented corporations alike.

Our alliance is looking for like minded eutz corporations to join our group.

Might be the time to bump this one also…

We are looking to meet more smal gang pvp oriented corporations that are interested in npc null sec life.

Eutz pref.
Small gang.

Individuals may apply to any of our active corporations.