NS/PVP/WH/INDY looking to add vets to our team

We are a highly focused team, and a very proud member of an amazing alliance that have operations in both NS & WH space. We offer unique ways to make ISK beyond the standard means, by leveraging game mechanics such as SCI & logistics to our benefit.

We are backed by deep pockets, professional leadership, allowing us, if/when & as needed to do whatever we wish in EVE. We don’t have any demands on what you need to be doing for us with your valuable time. As part of our team, you play as you wish, when you wish, and as you wish, with the comfort of knowing you are working with an aligned team of mature vets that can assist and offer the help you need to expand your EVE game play experience.

In addition to being extremely PVE/PVP strategic in all parts of EVE, we offer many areas for you to grow as a pilot and learn all the mechanics that most likely are not even optically visible and/or known to you in your current game status.

We also excel at the game outside of the game relative to our communications.

If you are looking for a new home, where real life comes first, and a place where your time is appreciated and you are certainly treated more than a just a number, please message me in game.


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