Null Alliance All Rounder Corp "AVRAE" Recruiting All Time Zones

AVRAE is in desperate need of miners. We have acquired more moons and need an additional 4-7 people with 1-5 accounts to help with the overflow of ore.

^^ You heard the man. Too many moons for us to handle by ourselves - lots of it is rotting. Come and lend a hand. “AVRAE Recruitment”

We had a really nice battle last night, if you like taking down big ships and making some isk in between, come talk with us

Those bumps, those bumps, those lovely mining bumps.

Moons, roids, rats, neuts. You want it, we got it. Come, become billionaires with us!

Bump! “AVRAE Recruitment” - come and have a chat with us, see what we can do for you.

Bump bumper bump bump
Bumpity bump bumpity
bumper bump bump bump

This bumping haiku brought to you by the AVRAE mining king. Join us for loads of ISK!!

Looking for a group of decent guys to relax and banter with whilst you mine?
Perhaps you’re wanting some fleet PvP action to quench your taste for blood?

Look no further than AVRAE.

Great space for Mining and Ratting!
Buyback program, Ship replacement and Time-based loyalty rewards!
Moon mining: With R16, R32 and R64 moons popping every two days, there’s more than enough to keep you busy!
If Ratting is your thing, we have a multitude of systems regularly between 120-140% BRI
Regular Alliance fleets (Multiple daily) should you prefer some organised chaos
Join our in Game chat channel - AVRAE Recruitment
*US/EU/NZ/AUS TZ folks all welcome

Looking to recruit some serious miners who have 0.0 experience and are not shy about jumping into the thick of it

Willingness to pvp to fight off baddies is a plus but not required.

Equipment and jf services are available to get you up and running ASAP.

Opportunity awaits contact us via eve-mail or through out in game recruitment channel: AVRAE Recruitment

Looking for some pilots that enjoy mining, fighting and some possible Pirate Roams. Join Up Now and join a great Corp. full of good people willing to help anyone no matter their experience level. Come out and join the crew scoop that goo and blow up ships.