[NULL/PVP] Escalated. is recruiting

Escalated.: the Premier PvP and Capital Warfare Specialists in EvE Online!

:fire: Ready to dive into the most thrilling PvP experience in the galaxy? Escalated. is recruiting brave pilots to join our ranks and command the cosmos!

Why Join Escalated.?
:sparkles: Elite PvP Combat: Engage in heart-pounding battles, from small skirmishes to epic capital ship clashes.
:rocket: Capital Warfare: Specialize in the art of capital ship warfare. Bring the big guns and make your mark in colossal space battles!
:boom: Active and Supportive Community: Fly with a crew that’s as fun-loving as they are fierce. We laugh in the face of danger – and then blow it up.
:milky_way: Strategic Operations: Participate in well-coordinated strikes and cunning strategies that make every fleet op an adventure.
:tools: Training and Growth: Whether you’re a seasoned vet or fresh from the academy, we offer training to sharpen your skills and help you climb the ranks.

What We’re Looking For:
:star2: Fearless pilots ready for relentless PvP action.
:star2: Team players who enjoy a bit of banter and can handle spicy memes even under fire.
:star2: Players eager to learn and lead, ready to take part in big fleet operations and sneaky raids.

We Offer:
:star2: Regular PvP Fleets
:star2: A Supportive team of capable pilots, highly skilled in their respective fields
:star2: Epic Space Battles & Memes
:star2: Membership of a quickly growing, vibrant and professionally organized alliance that owns sov in null-sec space

Ready to Make Your Mark?
Apply now and begin your journey! Join our Discord to connect to one of our recruiters.
:link: Discord: Escalated Public

Contact: Fardendur [EU], Ahura Mashada [EU], Jesus Facepalm [Freedom]

Escalated.: *‘Overkill’ is Just Another Word for ‘Prepared’. *