[Null-sec Alliance] Empyreus looking for laid-back, fun, and active corporations for a foreverhome

Greetings CEO or director, welcome to the Empyreus thread. If you’re here, I’m assuming you’re in the formative stages of looking for a new space-home. You have choices; lots of choices. This game is teeming with would-be perfect alliance leaders who will sell you whatever they think they can to bolster their bottom line: Numbers in Fleet. But there are some decent, even bordering on good, alliances out there. I’m not referring to skill in game, or their Killboard, but the way they treat their member corps. In essence, the way they treat their foundation and lifeblood. I like to think I sit on the greener pastures side of that fence, but I may have a tiny bit of bias in that declaration. I’ve been a Corp CEO since 2007, and I understand very much that your corporation is important to you. That a good portion of it are friends you would go out to bars with, or hang out. That on a crappy day you draw strength from the knowledge that when you get home, you have some fantastic people waiting to play video games with you. So, without further rambling on my behalf, let me talk about Empyreus - a somewhat young alliance - and why it’s might be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Empyreus is, at its core, a very casual friendly entity. I have things to do in real life, and I know everyone else does too. There are no activity metrics we use to gauge the usefulness of members or their corps, no required kills reached, no overbearing personalities dictating what to do with your play time. If you want to go on a roam, do it. If you want to go mine some ABC’s, I probably need some stuff built. If you want to go accidentally get blown up in a ghost site, I’ll laugh with you (after looting your sisters probe launcher, of course). There is no path of Eve that is invalid in our eyes.

Though we are casual friendly, you should not take that as a cop-out that we aren’t trying to be as good as we can be within reasonable limits. We drops capitals, we have comms discipline, we make sure people have fun but can also be organized and orderly while doing it. We reward active pvpr’s, top kills and most participation totals in fleet, each month. But we’ll never shame you for having a life.

We are currently living in Immensea as part of Phoenix Federation. Phoenix Fed has given us a great opportunity with them, and thus far I have nothing but compliments towards them insofar as our treatment goes. We have access to many upgraded systems for ratting, mining, and exploration. This gives prospective corporations great places to make ISK, to relax, and to play to their content.

Due to our makeup, and the history of our corporations, we are very newbie friendly alliance. The one thing I will always praise TEST alliance for is giving me the tools to advance my desire to teach new players. Having spent quite a stint there, I took that very admirable aspect from them, and try very hard to emulate what they have done, at least in regards to how to treat new players. Everyone can learn, and we all started floating through the cosmos trying to figure out why the hell that red cross/triangle was shooting us.

We are predominately USTZ, spilling over into AUTZ. We have a lot of late-night USTZ players (I routinely don’t go to sleep until 4AM central) and would love to bring on either USTZ corporations or AUTZ corporations. Your background, as far as where you’ve lived, doesn’t matter in the slightest. Whether its your first stab at nulllsec, your 50th, or you just want a chill place to play Eve while playing other Games of the Month, we’re open!

We have an active TS3, Discord, and security tools in place for member corporations. We offer support for corporation projects, where we can, and have several facilities setup for localized production. This includes an active logistics backbone to move stuff from empire to our local space.

What do we do on a day-to-day basis? We run roaming gangs around the area , as well as through wormholes. We fight in-region most nights, as well as do pick-up mining fleets, local incursions (when available), and other PvE aspects. We join our friends in their campaigns as well.

We are looking for corporations that have the following:

  • 10+ active members in ustz
  • Willing to use alliance comms (Discord and TS3)
  • Willing to have fun and not be dramatic

That’s really about it!

If you think Empyreus might be a fit, or you’d like to chat with someone to get a better feel for us, or get some questions answered, feel free to contact one of the following:

Abinus Sertan

Or join the channel “The PYRE Pub”

Up we go!

Up we go!

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