Null-Sec based corp seeking PVP and Indy pilots

Frozen Assets LTD recruiting for PVP and Indy Pilots

Are you new to the game ? An old veteran who knows the ropes with an interest in active PVP or mining fleets ? Do you wish to mine Null-Sec moon goo and amass a fortune ? Then this is the corp for you !

Frozen is looking to recruit individuals who desire a tight knit group to roam the stars with and enjoy the rich bounties that null space can provide. We are a small organized group of pvp and indy pilots looking to expand our player base, all times zones are welcome! Our space offers alot of pvp content while also providing good security for our miners. We have secure access to rare ores, rare ice and super lucrative moon goo ! Miners, Indy pilots and builders that wish to branch into pvp are encouraged and welcome.


*Corp and Alliance PVP ops.
*The best boosts with frequent large fleets.
*Access to a dedicated ice belt.
*Access to all the rare ores and moon goo you can mine !
*Stations and structures.
*Basic ship fittings and instruction.
*Ore and Ice and Moon goo buyback programs.

Basic ships and fits can be provided, given specific skillsets.

looking forward to reaping the rewards of space with those interested.

Contact “Oluwa Daru” In game for information concerning applications

Also, you can expedite the application process by going to and signing up.

Recruitment is still open… please contact Oluwa Daru for info.

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