Null-sec corp with private constellation wants to recruit you!

We’re particularly looking for pilots with interest in PvP, primarily as a defensive function and secondarily as a fun fleet.

Our Mission, Interests and Values:-

  • Adult - We’re largely 35+ adults who enjoy the complexity of the game
  • Mature -Piracy, abuse, racism/sexism/homophobia are not tolerated
  • Collaborative - We help each other and our allies to grow, build, learn, and survive
  • Fun - We see Eve as a game, a distraction, an amusement and entertainment, not a job or obligation
    -Trustworthy - Be reliable, be consistent, be kind, be generous, be the kind of human you wish there were more of
  • Compatible - Industrialist (mining/manufacturing/research/invention) and Combat

We offer a variety of Infrastructure, Support and Benefits:-

  • Established - Access to/good standings with local neighbors in the system and constellation
    -Supported - Docking rights at structures in-constellation , Cloning, Manufacturing and Reprocessing locally
    -Resourced - Seven systems, full of resources exclusively for us
  • Inaccessible - 2x Quiet ‘Dead End’ system, out-of-the-way with no strategic value to larger Corps/Alliances
    - 1 entrance in and out of the constellation which will be guarded
  • Serviced - Local shipping destination Structure with an excellent, fast, neutral, commercial shipping Corp
  • Serious - key industrial and combat resources ‘in-house’ and available

What to Do

If this appeals to you, and you’d like to learn more, join our public channel for an initial chat:- or reach out to Captain Dabz, Thunder en Daire

Why is piracy listed as an act a mature player wouldn’t tolerate?

Piracy is just not our style…

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