Null Sec Corporation Recruiting!

We’re a growing community proudly part of What Could Possibly Go Wrong?, an active Sov Holding Alliance in Red Menace Coalition

What We Offer;

  • Extensive & Profitable Buyback Scheme
  • Access to R4’s through to R64’s
  • Multiple Ice Systems
  • A Region of Upgraded Sov Systems
  • 1% Corp Tax
  • 0% Tax PI
  • Low Tax Rigged Industrial Structures For All Production
  • Paid PvP from Small Gang to Inter-Coalition Fleets
  • Relaxed and Laid Back Environment
  • Newbro Support and Starter Packs

What We Like To See;

  • Members Enjoying The Game
  • Desire To Be Part Of A Community
  • Not Taking Games Too Seriously
  • Willingness To Be On Comms

We’re looking to grow our numbers and provide a no commitment gaming community with a home for players who just want to enjoy themselves.

Public Channels: MSFT- Public, Society of Misfits

Steadily growing

RMC does it right, you’d be doing well to join them! +1 from me.

Improving provisions!

Alliance is expanding space!