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Hello mate, im considered going in null sec for some reason, and hope find and join quiet!
First to all, im Carrier Pilot interested on:
-Ratting whit my thanny in quiet system
-Join in a fleet for pvp, ps: My first pvp!
-Join in a corporation very active.
*My personal database
Im italian, i dont speak english so much!
Dont ask me please before i join in a corp, “discord”, i have yes! but i dont understand english and dont have mic!!
I swear loyalty in the defense of my corp and the space in which it is connected.
Im very active in game, depend on my job.
Please if u look for pilot carrier or potential pvper noob shot me your application on join.
Repeat, looking for great alliance whit quiet system for ratting and make some fleet for pvp.
sorry my english supernoob.
Ty Claudette

And now his watch begin

Yes this is perfect image!!

We feature a pocket to bear in 0.0 on alliance base.
PvP demands comms, like mumble even if you are only able to listen, other stuff is also mandatory for communication.

If you are just looking to be a pet somewhere and rat in your carrier that will be dying to the first blops you come along, dont apply :smiley:

All the best for you =)

Adopt me a poor pilot carrier.

My corps a small but growing one in the Razor Alliance and we’re looking for pilots to come PVP and have some good home space to make Isk in. We’re mostly an EU timezone Corporation so there’s plenty of content and people to speak to ~

We’re an EU based Corporation but English speaking, lots of activity and plenty of fleets ~

Indecision Discord - Home of the Confused

Come join our discord and have a chat with us if you have questions before joining.

One of Power and Glory. One that will stand and fight to the DEATH. You should all fear our RAGE.

Recruiting self motivated players that are 18 years old or older. We have good all around members with all Time Zones represented. Come on out to nullsec with us.

What we offer:

  • Regular PvP Content
  • Capital PvP
  • Safe Sov Null for Ratting/Mining
  • FC Training
  • Corp & Alliance SRP incl. Capital Ships
  • Free Skillbook Program

Our Requirements:

  • Full API on file while a member of the Corp
  • Ability to use Discord and Mumble
  • Have a good attitude and be a team player
  • Have a dedicated PvP character
  • You must have fun and enjoy playing the game

Recruiting status: Open (Omega Only)

CEO - Ryac Sampaio
XO - Ellise Solette
Recruiters - Tweettweet5603 (EU), Nyne Vancloud (US)

Join: GLD Public

look us up

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