Null sec Indy/PVE Corp looking for carebears with teeth


Yumping amok is recruiting members to fill our glorious space. Looking for pilots from EU US & AUS time zones.
We have a Corp TS server for chat but I’d suggest you leave your sensitive little ass at the door.
We are a to be across those time zones however I want moar!!!

We live in serpentis space and have a decent range of sites to rat in. Decent range of ores and ice to eat too. Noice!!

New bros welcomed however don’t expect to be carried. We will help you but you gotta be able to hold your own.

PvP pilots wanted too. Fantastic opportunities to throw your ships into the grinder! Small gangs to some bigger fleet action! Corp does offer kitchen sink fits to jump in when the CTA comes.

I could blow smoke up your asses here but you guys know what you want. Bottom line is we’re a Corp of laid back clowns from all over the world. If you wanna get involved in large scale mining, blowing the crap out of stuff or just wanna rat in a carrier. We can offer a place you can call home.

A FULL API is required on application.

Questions? Drop a mail to Jet’leia.

A sunny day shameless bump

FYI - You might be asking for problems if you’re looking for new bros and expect them to “hold their own”. When I first started playing Eve I was lured to a null sec corp with the promise they would help me along. Granted, they did try to help, but there was very little could without them holding my hand all the time and I ended up feeling worthless and hating it. I think my corp mates came to resent that I always needed help too (which probably sucked the most). That activities I tried to get into included:

Running Combat Sigs/Anoms - Nope, rats were too strong
Belt Ratting - Nope, rats too strong again
Mining - nope (need to clear the rats before you can mine)
Exploration - yup, but this was all I was able to do on my own.

I wasn’t even able to contribute to the odd fleet roam as I couldn’t fly a nullified ship (which was the preference of the corp I was in).

Sounds like you’ll be a good outfit for a more established player though!

Noted pal. Maybe I should change That!



Still recruiting.


To the top.

Still looking for more pilots to join the cause.

Also interested in mergers with smaller corps looking to get into null sec industry.