Nullsec corp and PAPS

Been looking for nullsec corp but many tell me I have to do PAPS? What is this PAPS?

Last corp i talked to says minimum 150 PAPS per month to remain good standings

“PAPS” or “PAP” is short for participation link. At the end of some sovereign (SOV) null sec fleets the fleet commandeer (FC) will post a participation link in the fleet chat. You click the link and it records your participation in the fleet.

SOV null sec alliances have to protect their space, and they ask their members to help by joining fleets. The usual requirement is to average 2-4 of these fleets a month. Not all fleets qualify, but the groups are pretty good about advertising which fleets do. And for active groups and semi-active players getting 2-4 fleets a month is no big deal. Also, most of these groups will often compensate you for the loss of your ship (Ship Replacement Program or “SRP”) on such fleets, if you’re flying a main doctrine fit.

I have no idea what the “150” number is. Perhaps a particular group is using a points system? You will want to get clarification on that.

The Gloveless Proctologist, F CTA’s. Find a SOV/Nullsec that doesnt have those requirements if its not for you. We are recruiting for Stain and Cache, ping me in game for more info.

Ok thanks. I asked they said 150 ops minimum per month to be in good standings.

just join us and avoid all that crap.

below some reasons to why you should just join us >(


Hey bro Imperium Technologies [ PvP focus ] is very chill and laid back corp with great group of guys. I sent you a in game mail. Hope you consider setting up a interveiw for us to see if you like what we have to offer.

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