Nullsec Corp [K1LRZ] Seeking New Pilots

Krimson Killerz! [K1LRZ]

Join the ranks of one of the the most exciting diverse organizations in this game! K1LRZ is the PvP corp for Out of the Blue. Alliance. Our community host a broad base of characters /skills that will provide you the assistance and knowledge you want to learn.

Come live and fly with us! This is the place to be. We are a well organized group of like minded individuals looking to enjoy all that EVE has to offer.

We roam Low and Null Sec, and are always on the look out for good like minded people from all TZ.

As part of the alliance Out of the Blue [Vapor] we can offer a wide array of services and content.

  • Nullsec Ratting and exploration with standing fleet to help each other out.

  • Industry Capabilities and opportunities for all pilots.

  • Sov warfare as well as deployments in different regions to generate content for us to PvP just about anywhere.

  • Weekly fun roams and yeet fleets to let loose and have fun.

  • An Alliance discord and TS server for voice coms for the best of conversations.

  • Alliance SRP for our doctrine ops.

  • Alliance Seeded market in our home

  • We understand real life is a thing and are all in the same boat so, if you have things going on no sweat just check in every once in a while.

We would like to invite any pilot who meets the following requirments:

  • At least 8 million SP for at least 1 of your pilots is prefered

  • Positive mindset and a willingness to help us grow

Please Reach out to us on discord for more information K1LRZ


Omist Saloon! Come get some!


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