Nullsec ratting corp recruiting!

Still recruiting

Still accepting new members.

Recruitment Open!

Can’t log in! Be patient if you sent mails or are awaiting responses. Thanks!

I have been away from the game for some time. I’m looking for a place to place my 110m sp alt to make some isk and relearn the game. This tune is -10.0 and I’m not sure I want to lose it…lol. also dont want to miss lead anyone. Are you intrested?

Up we go


Still recruiting!

To the top!

Recruitment still open.

I am interested, though I have never done any null ratting.

Get your ESI key ready!

Recruitment still open.

More ratters welcome!

I am interested, how would I apply/ be interviewed?

Hit me up with an ingame mail and we will go from there.

Have room for small corp?

sent mail to rattio

Still room for more people!

Recruitment still open!