Nullsec ratting corp recruiting!

We are recruiting all pilots interested in or proficient at exterminating rats! We are recruiting all time zones and SP levels. Come join us in Fountain for your ISK making needs!

No PvP ops or CTA’s.
No mandatory Discord/TS3/mumble etc.
Tremendous Infrastructure and market hubs
Casual laid back corp, RL comes first

If you have any questions please reach out to our recruiters in-game via direct chat, evemail or our recruitment channel “Anomalies Anonymous Recruitment”


Rin Razor

Recruitment still open. Even if you’re on the fence it doesn’t hurt to ask questions.
We also seek to know what potential pilots are looking for in a PVE corp. Feel free to provide input that would make us a more attractive option for pilots looking for PVE.

Still recruiting ratters!

Recruitment still open! Great Isk making opportunity.

More ratters welcome!

Recruiting still open!

Come make your isk without worrying about joining CTAs or defending your space! Recuitment still open.

We’ve welcomed some new additions. Looking for more!

Still recruiting!

Still room for more ratters, contact us for more info.

Recruitment still open!

Still accepting new members!

Recruitment still open.

Still recruiting PVE focused pilots.

Lots of rats that need to be killed. Come kill them!

Still recruiting!

Nice quiet space to rat! Recruitment still open.

Still accepting ratters. Join “Anomalies Anonymous Recruitment” in game channel for more info.

Recruitment still open!

Still recruiting