NYX for Sale fit/unfit - SOLD NOW

Fully fuelled in Basgerin Keepstar. Can sell fit or unfit. Will only sell via contract and this is the 3rd Nyx I’ve sold recently.
Fit as follows;
Trimarks Tech2 x3
Dread Guristas large graviton smartbomb
Fighter Support Tech2 x3
Burst Jammer Tech2
Drone Nav Tech2
Capital Cap Booster Tech2
Omnidirectional Tech2
1000mn AB Tech2
25000 Plates Tech2 x3
Imperial Navy DDA x3
Imperial Navy Energized Adaptives x2
Cyclops Tech2 x42
Firbolg Tech2 x45
Fully Fuelled

13b Hull only

Message sent

Thanks for the offer but it has now been sold.

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