OAuth in stand-alone python app

Hi everyone,

I started to do some more serious trading and am now writing my own app. In order to keep track of my transactions, I also would like to use the non-public ESI endpoints that require authentication.

Right now, I have working solution that
a) opens the login page
b) briefly starts an http server only to catch the callback
All in all, my solution works but seems contrived.

Is there a official/standard way to do auth2 for ESI if it is not a web application but a stand-alone (python) app?


That is a standard way to do it, that is how I do it in jEveAssets. Normally, if you don’t have a private app, you also want to use PKCE instead of the secret for desktop applications. See the documentation for details: https://docs.esi.evetech.net/

Thanks for the quick reply and the help! I will have a look.

Short version: OAuth is unsuitable for standalone apps. You’ll have to use workarounds.