Obsidian Armada is recruiting!

Obsidian Armada is now recruiting!

Check out our youtube video!

‣ Are you looking for a place to belong, to feel appreciated?
‣ Do you want to feel valued in a community of equals?
‣ Apply to join! Come and see what democracy can achieve.

What we provide:

  • High Sec activities.
    Mining with boosts. Indy opportunities.
    Ore buyback
    Social Community with discord

  • Wormhole activities
    PVP fleets and hunting
    Production facilities
    Great PI
    Big ISK!

What we expect:

Be friendly to your corp members, no drama
5 mil skill point minimum
For wormhole activities, be on comms and in standing fleet

Join “Obsidian Armada Recruitment” to speak to a recruiter today!!

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