ODINs OFOC C2 C5/Null sec Wormhole corp

Opening recruitment again:

  • 5 caps and 2 marauders called in last week,
  • tonnes of good brawls
  • active all timezones (just check our Killboard)
    come be a part of it!

More frags, check us out we the real deal!

free bump

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<3 Nou

Still recruiting,

Get kills like this:

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We killed 13 Vnis in 1 day!

Also this gem: https://zkillboard.com/kill/65057533/

+3b to SRP

Another day, another eviction and more frags,

Check us out

Killed a nyx yesterday, looking for other people to join us in frags,

just spoke with members in the recruitment channel, this corp no longer offers WH life

What are you talking about? This looks pretty wormholey to me:

Still recruiting, just last 24 hours we got both of these fights:

2 hour fight:


frags right now:

We’re still kind of recruiting if you’re good,

l33t like this!

Bump, still kinda recruiting if you’ve got right attitude for us!

Got rorq? bump

Recruiting a bit kinda, https://zkillboard.com/kill/67334954/


Had a decent fight today, HK+Hawks showed up at end to help mop up

We’re still alive, kinging and recruiting.

Good dudes, good times, good kills :star_struck:

Wondering if there is a feeder/training corp for you guys? My buddy and I recently started playing Eve and after research and reading, wormhole space sounds pretty amazing. Neither of us meet your requirements currently, but would be interested in information to get us ready. Thanks!

we’re stil looking for a few us/au time zone ppl maybe one or two eu players on top :slight_smile: