[OFOC] Out of focus is recruiting! WH PVP/PVE corp looking for new active members!

Odin’s Calls OFOC is now opening it’s door again,

Out of Focus (OFOC) is looking for eager, active players. We’re a multinational corporation active in all timezones. We’re a friendly, established, competent active group that leads one of the oldest continually active wormhole Alliances in the game. We live in the best type of wormhole in the game a C2 C5/NS where we have content available all the time.

What we offer:

  • Varied and constant content in all areas (Sieges, Brawls, Small/Medium gang, Blops, Caps, Pve)
  • People to shoot, No blues
  • Established and good FCs/Content creators
  • SRP!! for all your welp needs
  • Great isk making opportunities (We run weekly Krab ops to make up the isk lost welping gloriously! For a nice chill afternoon making great isk from our c5 static)
  • Tight-knit friendly community
  • A fun competent group without egos (even i couldnt keep a straight face reading that but we do good…occasionally)

So what kinda peeveepee do you do?


What about making isk?
Thanks to having access to a C5 static as mentioned earlier there are many opportunities to krab either solo or with others if you wish to actually socialise

Minimum Requirements:

► Being Active
► Minimum 20m sp
► Have a second account or willing to make one
► Willingness to change your character background

Chat with us! https://discord.gg/9HKDnJr

Apply here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSck4HwPAI3XItXlL5SeO6wimWsoG2_WEVCRS1BtNSVuLEXKYA/viewform?c=0&w=1

Come talk with us ingame:
General: OFOC Pub
Recruitment: OFOC Recruitment

ofoc is still recruiting! msg on discord or use an ingame channel to get in touch with a recruiter

Recruitment is still open

Recruitment is still open likely will be for a while

Recruitment is still open

Recruitment is still open!

Bump as Owen is slacking :slight_smile:

Come kill Titans with us!

Video of the kill here:

Come have funsies

Recruitment is still open! join now to catch the next titan kill

New video about to come out with a fight with Wormhole Scary People.

We are still recruiting.

Recruitment is still open!

OFOC is still recruiting ^~^

Recruitment is still open

Recruitment is still open!

recruitment is still open

Here’s some unedited footage of some of our recent skirmishes!

Do you live in a big blue donut somewhere in nullsec? Leave it. Just get the hell out, right now. Even if you don’t join this corp. Go to Faction Warfare. Join a C5 corp. Join one of the independent nullsec entities that live in Tribute. Stop telling yourself you are having fun in the 200 man fleet.

And if you do leave, consider joining Odin’s. Even if you’re trash at PvP - so is everyone else. If you are willing to admit that, and commit to improving yourself every day, you have a place in our humble fleets. Imagine flying a fleet comp where you have to think for yourself every second - you have to fly your own ship, make your own choices. Press more buttons than just F1. Imagine living in a different nullsec region every day.

Imagine saving the whole fleet because you scrammed that jaguar at the last second. Imagine being responsible for the whole fleet dying because you were out of position.

Just leave the nullbloc. It’s more fun out here in the wilderness.

Still recruiting!

we’re stil looking for young bloods and old :cowboy_hat_face: