[OFOC] Out of focus is recruiting! WH PVP/PVE corp looking for new active members!

still looking for bloodbags

I live, i die, i live again!!!

Still looking for War Boys!

stil looking for a few frisky souls :slight_smile:

I play eve over 9 years including Serenity and Tranquility, This is the most interesting corp I joined.

Get in here, you nerds

Having a NS static is like having free reindeer filaments with no cooldown.

still looking for a few more souls :slight_smile:

we may or may not have Pie! just saying still looking for a few more people.

looking for young bloods :green_heart:

We are still looking for new corp members and still killing supers. Not even the Delve supers are safe.

These guys are nice people. They offer free kebabs to new members.

still looking for new peeps :slight_smile:

(the Kebab is a lie)

War Boys wanted!