[OFOC] Out of focus is recruiting! WH PVP/PVE corp looking for new active members!

Still looking for a bunch of souls

If you found our recruitment posts it means you’ve researched enough to know what is special. Join and learn our definition of special!

Way back in the days an aliance called Interstellar Starbase Syndicate dreamt about a nomadic life as a caravan.
A C2 wormhole with a null static is the best of both worlds, a wandering castle with new places to be every time we roll, yet stable supply lines to highsec via the c5 static.

Login issues won’t stop us. Join the true roamers!

still looking for a few more Warboys. we have Hi-Octane crazy blood bags rdy to go :sunglasses:

there is a fine line between fighting the blob and becoming the blob. we try to find it.

Eu strong. looking for few more us/au timers.

room for a few more nerds

still hungry for US/AU players :green_heart:

but no more Canadians, sorry

we’re still after War Boys

okay after a lot of internal discussion, soul searching, and tears, we’ve decided to once again allow applications from Canadians :smiley: