ODINs OFOC C2 C5/Null sec Wormhole corp

recruitment closing 05/12/22 at Downtime to Vouch and returning member for a bit, apps in before then are fine

OFOC is some of the best fun that wormhole life can offer, from getting into null-sec fights, to wormhole brawls, you can truly make a name for yourself here and leave a lasting mark on New Eden.

Recruitment is currently closed aside from returning members, but will be re-opening very soon, so keep us on your radar and we hope to see you out there in new eden.

O7 fly dangerously.

Shameless bump stabber incoming.

Random fun fact of the bump

The hashtag (#) symbol is technically called an octothorpe.

The “octo-” prefix refers to the eight points on the popular symbol, and “thorpe” while somewhat a mystery, is thought to have derived from the Old English word for “village,” based on the idea that the symbol has likeness to a village surrounded by 8 fields.

The more you know.

Bumping this thread off a fortizar.

Recruitment is still returning only but stay tooned for more OFOC recruitment coming to a system near you.

Ramdom fact of the bump

The bumblebee bat, also known as the hog nosed bat, is the smallest mammal in the world only weighing 0.05 to 0.07 ounces, and being 1.14 to 1.29 inches long with a wingspan of 5.1 to 5.7 inches.

Fly dangerously

Recruitment open now to non-vouches

Hey y’all here to bump. As always a helpful fact.

If you right click on the drones in space drop-down in the “Drones in Bay” window you can delete those misspelled or messed up drone groups.

Mic drop.

Hey y’all here to bump. As always a helpful fact.

Use the radial menu on a blops when getting bridged, it makes finding the jump through option much easier.

Odin’s is as always looking for pilots who want to punch up.

Yay it’s bump time. As always another helpful tip.

Dislike the new photon UI?

Open the escape menu for Eve. Go to general settings tab and then write above the color. Themes is the option to enable compact mode by default.

Hopefully this helps.

Anyways come murder ■■■■ with us.

“Always take the bait.” - Odin’s unofficial motto.

Hello all, another bump. When going for tackle, look at radial velocity to see how fast you are closing in on a target. If it is negative that is the speed at which the distance is decreasing.

Sup y’all, another bump another tip.

Trig guns spool slowly same for their reps. Heat the first few cycles to decrease your time in spool.

As always fly dangerous.

Ayyo another bump, another tip.

Claws, Crusaders, Crows, and Taranis’ all have a 100% bonus to the effects of overheating the MWDs/ABs. Use this to close distance on people who think they are safe on grid with you. Often times you’ll catch these pilots unable to notice you traveling 7 KM/S and land some dank tackles this way.

Such as the following kill.
We had initially booshed this marshal off an apostle repping it, the boosher had no scram so the marshal MJD’s aligned towards nowhere. Thankfully we landed tackle again with a claw heating to 7KM/S.

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Last week Out of Focus members competed in the Captain’s Cup as “Double click in space”. The other 600 of our members can’t even manage that. Join Out of Focus today.

Sup everyone another bump.

Cover a steak you are going to cook in salt and seasonings about 10 hours before you cook it. Let it sit in your fridge that whole time uncovered. Do a reverse sear. Cook to Medium or rare.

From an ex butcher.
You are welcome.

Hey all another day another Bump.

To anyone who looks at this corp ad and might think they are not actually good enough to apply. Apply, you never know what could happen.

Hey all another bump.

Had a super fun day out in delve.

If you like killing spaceships come give us a try.

Hey everyone another bump. A few days back we rolled in near Frats home staging system had some good fun.

As always a helpful tip. When flying a bigger ship like an oracle. Always be aligned to something warp to, no need to be tackled. Best practice is to align to icons that are very clustered so they have a tough time tracking you down.

Fly dangerous o7

Hey all another day another bump.

Stop by and have a chat with us!

Does this Corp have a feeder or newbro corp tied to it? I don’t meet the requirements but reading through the forum and watching yall in the AT, and on youtube has me very interested in what yall do. Thanks!

Hey - sorry - no newbro corp attached to us - look us up ingame and reach out to a recruiter on the discord linked on the corp profile, or using the linked ingame channels - let’s chat about what experience you’re missing and how close you are / where you can go get it

also le thread bump