Odyssey Frameworks - Economics and Social Corporation

Hello everyone,

Odyssey Frameworks is a corporation focused on the economic and social aspects of EVE Online.

We offer a home for all pilots, but primarily look for those who want a tight knit social environment or want to learn more about the EVE Markets. No matter if you are a brand new pilot to EVE Online or are an experienced player looking for something different, Odyssey Frameworks offers a home for you.

We primarily focus on the economic and social aspects of EVE Online and are always looking for new members of all skill levels. We offer a comprehensive training package on the Economics of EVE Online focused around using the Market Hubs to generate ISK over time.

Odyssey Frameworks is currently managing 10B ISK in private funds paid out monthly and is looking to expand it’s investment portfolio section in the future.

Some of our longer term goals involve;

  • Setting up an Industry Division
  • Managing more funds from outside investors

If you’re looking for a place to hang out and make some ISK come drop by our public channel below.

Public Channel: Odyssey Frameworks or send an EVE Mail to Jacob Armfield for more information.

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