Of Tears and ISK, New Players and Veteren Friendly

Welcome one and all to Of Tears and ISK.

We are a group of battle hardened vets and newer players that are running various projects throughout New Eden. With projects scaling from teaching newbros, to all the way up to building capitals and citadels, to teaching PVP and PVE. There is always something to do and content being created and enjoyed among all of our members.

What we offer:

For Industrialists:

  1. Reprocessing with Maxed Skills and implants
  2. Buy Back Program including most raw materials in game and an accurate and fair value
  3. Access to Null Ores and Moon Ores in high sec
  4. Maxed Orca Boosts
  5. Access to accurate values of ores to get the best ISK/M3
  6. Access to over some of the last abc moons in HS


  1. Lvl 4 Missions and Epic Arcs throughout New Eden
  2. Abyssal Sites and how to run them without dying and be Profitable!
  3. Exploration guides and help
  4. Triglavian Invasions building and actively training a dedicated team.
  5. Help with running Incursions with fitting help

For Everyone

  1. Discord (TS3 Soon™)
  2. Guidance to Maximize your Isk per Hour
  3. A safe learning environment
  4. SRP on a growing list of fits
  6. An active community
  7. A CEO that has a longstanding addiction to Eve Online, If he’s awake, he’s available

Our policy and commitment to you:

We understand everyone has a Real Life, we are not going to force you to be apart of every event we run. We are a relaxed community who likes to have a good laugh every day and night we are playing. We are committed to maintaining a friendly, welcoming and teaching environment to everyone who chooses to fly with us. In addition we want to help make Eve a fun and engaging experience to everyone who plays with us. We want you to look forward to logging in with us and having a good time while we give you the tools to succeed in making ISK and carving your way in New Eden.




Bump it louder!

Of Tears and ISK are a great group of fun and low drama players. You will definitely learn, make ISK and have fun with them.

Good morning! Bump, I’m looking for miners or people who would like to learn industry. All are welcome, miners encouraged, new players accepted.

If you bump it once, don’t bump it twice!

Good Morning to our Daily BUMP! I will be on for the majority of the day. Please feel Free to message me in the linked discord. I WILL respond if you @ me in there. Thank you guys!

Are you still recruiting. I am a new player just about to finish the advanced military training.

We sure are! Seems our recruiter is too busy Hav*** **x on his day off to reply. :joy:

Do u just want to mail back an further in game?

Everyone like Explosions!!!

Seems our bumper had a bad day at work.


I am a returning player, approx. 13M skillpoints in mining and industry and i have an alt with aprox 8M SP that can fly an orca.
I am looking for a new corperation, cause on returning my old corp had gone inactive. I red your ad and think it could be a match for me. When im online i will try to have a chat with you.

regards Apex

Neat! Come chill with us, no drama, lots of ore and lots of knowledge

1.5b of ore mined tonight, how much can you mine?

I just mined about 800m in G and B in high sec tonight, who else wants that opportunity?

Do you know if what your mining is a waste of time? We have the tools to show you what is the most valuable ore for your time. Stop doing it wrong!

Bump it louder!

These guys are awesome. Give them a try, you’ll be happy with what happens to your wallet!