[OF/-X15-] INTROVERTS UNITE! Non-coalition NULL corp recruiting pilots and small corps

JOIN the Introverts!

G.H.0.S.T is a small, quiet corp in the growing OnlyFleets. Alliance.

  • Mature group of players (most in 30s or older)
  • Mostly introverts that don’t feel the need to talk constantly on comms(No Call of Duty Lobbies here)
  • We live in non-coalition Null where there are plenty of isk making opportunities.
  • RL first since most of us have families and grown folks responsibilities. If you can’t be on fleets noone is going to yell at you. However, we do expect for you to support the corp/alliance when you can.
  • Mainly late EU/US tz
  • Small and growth focused corp
  • We don’t care about killboard. We don’t care about ISK wars. We just care about having fun.

Looking for:

  • Bomber, recon, blops, T3, and Trig pilots.
  • Pilots that want to FC.
  • Content Generators.
  • Harassment specialists.
    You must be ISK self-sufficient.

If you’re a small corp with pvp and/or indy focused pilots and with leadership that’d like to have less responsibility or more infrastructure for your pilots , merge with us. We offer infrastructure with production, corp level JF services, assistance for pilots that need help getting into ships, SRP on both corp and alliance levels, and more. Your leadership can become a part of our leadership and our teams can grow together.

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