Off- Axis Response and The Last Outpost- Hawai'i are Recruiting!

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[OAR] Off-Axis Response and [TLO-H] The Last Outpost- Hawai’i are looking for new industrialist and combat pilots to join our Null-sec team! We operate out of Cloud Ring and are willing to train pilots in nullsec life. Some combat skills are required but that can be addressed after application. Be warned, Nullsec is not for the timid or weak of heart.

No matter whether you’re an experienced carebear or PvP’er, a returning or a new to EVE player trying to find their path: we have a place for and something to offer you!

Our Goals are simple:

*To teach new players how to PvP and most importantly, have fun doing it!
*To provide unlimited PvP and Industrial content and opportunities for members at corporation, alliance and coalition levels.
*Enable and assist you to make great ISK to keep flying through industrial and ratting ops!

*For the long-term career PvP or Industrial pilot; we have experienced leadership & FC team (& welcome anyone who wants to move into an FC role), fleets on corporation, alliance and coalition levels.

*For the new or returning pilot; our primary educational arm, [TLO-H] The Last Outpost- Hawai’i is designed as a learning platform and environment with a dedicated instructor and mentoring team, excellent personal training in a safe and secure environment, that will get you that knowledge and experience to later join the bigger PvP and Industrial fleets.

A bit About Us?

Our Leadership, Fleet Commanders and Instructors have been flying together and training new pilots for a long time.
We are a very active community: in game, on TeamSpeak 3 and on Discord, we hang out with each other and share our experience and knowledge and we follow the motto: “The only stupid question is the one you do not ask!”

While Industry is what we do best our tenacity is not to be underestimated when under pressure. DO NOT be fooled into thinking you can’t PvP until you are a veteran in a Battleship [although we definitely welcome those of you who are!]. We actively encourage our new pilots to fly with us at the best of their skill level and are always welcome and valued. Our PvP and Industrial experiences vary wildly. One day you could be flying a frigate or a cruiser with your new friends on a corporation roam or out mining so you can start building ships for the corporation/alliance; the next day you could be deployed with the entire alliance/coalition in a massive fleet or building citadels!

So here’s the TLDR you’ve been lookin’ for: What can we offer YOU?

*PvP in all variations
*Great Ratting sites
*Great Industrial opportunities
*Great Space for you to make your Isk
*Competative [and more importantly supportive] marketplace
*Social, helpful and a friendly community
*Active and fun voice communications solutions through TeamSpeak 3 and Discord

Join the The Last Outpost- Hawai’i in-game channel (just click on the link!) and ask as many questions as you like.

To apply to join, visit our Recruitment page on the forums, or directly Apply Now and recieve a free ship.
Hope to fly with you soon! o7

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