Officer Mods For Sale - ALL SOLD

(Spacer Spacey) #1

Updated prices. Mods located in Jita 4-4.

Cormacks DCU - Sold

Chelm’s Kinetic Membrane - Sold

Chelm’s Thermal Membrane - Sold

Cormack’s Explosive Membrane - Sold

(Not 4 Sale) #2

You put a 1 on accident in front of those Chelm’s Thermal Membrane’s and the Cormack’s Explosive Membrane :joy:

(Spacer Spacey) #3

Literally going off current Jita minus a few billion.

(Karter River) #4

In game mail sent.

(Spacer Spacey) #5

To the top. DCU and Explosive Membrane sold.

(system) #6

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