Official Statement on English Only in Public Chat?

Is this a thing, or not? It seems like there used to be a rule about only using English in public chat channels, including NPC corps.

I did some searching and this does not appear to be a thing.

Eve is a global game. You can create your own chat channels and apply rules to those if you wish.

It’s English only on help and rookie help channels. However it would be much wiser for non-English speaking people to join their language channels, as there is much more chance to get an answer than talking non-English in an English channel.

From my own experience, people are coming to EVE with a mentality “I need to bark at people to get what I want”, so instead of simply shooing them off, it’s usually much more efficient to point them VERY politely to their language channel and explain them that they will more likely find people to chat with there.

See the list of player created language channels somewhere here.

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