Old 112m sp Paladin/Golem driver (8m sp unallocated) for sale

Hey, everyone! I am for sale. All info here: Character sheet

Created back in 2003 y.
Pretty name
Magic 14 learned to 100%
Marauder driver (Paladin and Golem)
Sec.status 0
Kill rights: none
1 Jump clone available in Amarr VIII (Oris) - Emperor Family Academy (without implants)
The character is sitting in Jita 4-4 and joined npc corp
Wallet positive, never been in negative

Immediate BO: 110 B ISK

85 B offer

87 billion

90 B offer

92 billion

95 B offer

97 billion

Not bad for a start! But still far from finish!

97 billion

110B ISK offer. I like you Silver Dragon, would you like to sell your soul to me?

Deal! @Tianyi_Snow send isk and acc details

110B ISK sent to Silver Dragon.
Account Info sent to the in-game Email.

thank you, got it! The character is on his way to you.

The character received, thank you!

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